Karla Calheiros
Creative Copywriter

Reporter Magazine  

Reporter is a monthly magazine that focuses on investigative journalism. It covers important, often controversial subjects. The print campaign takes three topics that have been featured in the magazine this year and demonstrates that the information Reporter provides has the strength to change your perspective.

Bratislava Zoo

Kids are hooked on technology. Parents have a real hard time stealing their attention back into the real world. In this Bratislava Zoo campaign, we want to show how majestic and enchanting wild animals are, much so that they can even steal the attention of your kids from their gadgets.

Mondelez - Opavia

Opavia is the number one biscuit brand in the Czech Republic in sales, but the brand lacked awareness since their packs carried a sub-brand name. Our challenge was to create a campaign to introduce the new, Opavia branded, packaging. During research, we’ve discovered that people like their biscuits so much that they even hid their favorite ones from family members. So we used that insight to brand their communication with the concept: "where do you hide your Opavia?"

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